Equal Measures' Decker and Producer


Not many see Higgs in the flesh. He has all the skills that would make him a nova-hot decker in the Biz, but his former associations make that an exceptionally risky proposition. Most see his persona: a retro-futuristic humanoid of dull metal skin and pulsing green veins of light cris-crossing his form.

The meatbag that projects it is as average as one could imagine. Tinted glasses, threadbare jeans, flanel shirt for a coat, fandom shirt of some kind, a face unshaven for three days and a mop of hair a month overdue for a visit with the barber. A vape pen and a can of Slurm aren’t far from him at any given time.


Though he doesn’t share much about himself, Higgs’s extensive knowledge of Matrix security strongly suggests former ties to Grid Overwatch. Being a bit paranoid of being in broad daylight tend to confirm such suspicions. Whatever his live before, he is now permanently employed by la Timadora as a data analyst and social media administrator. He is, of course, also a top-shelf Decker and attached to Equal Measures as their Matrix backup and media producer.

Higgs is known to be a mathematical savant, able to make complex calculations on the fly without the aid of a ’soft. As a hobby he watches infostreams about global markets and other mathematically terrifying subjects. Despite his complex mind, he is still fairly amiable and tends to come off as a bit of a “deejay” personality. He is quick to cue up just the right music or graphic montage to spike viewership of a Run, and never misses a beat when directing the Crew to either step it up or keep it quiet as the feed requires.


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