Pretty Elf Technomancer


At first glance, Starlance seems like your typical elf – tall, thin, poised. It’s only upon further examination – or, well, more than a quick glance at the very least – that it’s obvious he’s scrawny even for an elf and clearly lacking in any sort of physical strength or prowess. In fact, a strong gust of wind could knock him over — and probably has on several occasions. It’s a fairly common occurrence for Starlance to be mistake for a woman while in street clothes, probably due to the fact that he enjoys disguising himself as such to help lessen the chances of being identified. Dresses, lipstick, fancy hairstyles – the whole shebang. Being an elf helps that, since most people can’t tell the difference anyway.

His hair has been colored a vibrant purple, and seems to be the only part of himself that truly gets taken care of well, if his weight is any indication of how much attention he pays to his meatsack. Perhaps a bit of elven vanity still lurks in that networked brain of his.



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