Vincenza, "la Timadora"

Equal Measures's permanent Fixer


Known as Vincenza to her friends and “The Trickster” to everyone else, La Timadora is tall and limber for a human, blanca at first glance but with enough swarth to suggest some chicana heritage. Her perfect fluency in both English and Spanish (and several other languages) only further blur the lines.

She dresses in the style of the “power business” movement from the 1980s, evoking imagery of second wave feminists wearing pinstripe pieces of men’s suits, but with just enough accent to maintain a feminine identity. Her closely chopped hair is often hidden beneath a well-worn fedora that seemingly came right out of a noir detective novel.


To the public she is a real estate broker, buying and selling properties over much of the distressed portions of Los Angeles. While the deals themselves are mostly for empty land, she has an eye for potential salvage sites and has made a good living scrounging the physical artifacts of L.A. before the Big Ones. She is one of a thousand-fold such salvage barons that scour the inundated wastes of the old city.

While legitimate, this business is the laundry for her business in the Shadows, where she is also a broker, but one of information. Though new to the Biz, her experience and shrewd acumen have given her an early edge in negotiating the grey markets of paydata and corporate secrets. She employs a permanent troubleshooting team as part of her operation, Equal Measures, a more motley pile of Shadowrunners than most. To everyone else she is a ball-busting, unflappable negotiator; to her Crew, she is a doting house mom and dedicated fashion designer. Equal Measures is so far her greatest body of criminal work and she attends to it with a great deal of personal care. To her, they are the most significant part of her future in the Shadows.

Vincenza, "la Timadora"

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