Baja Junk and Scrapyard

Owner: Blanche Nampeyo

Vehicle junkyard and recycling center off of 210 north of Covina, CA. Will buy most vehicles in any condition and is rumored to make other vehicles disappear for a fee. Sells components stripped from wrecked vehicles. Founded by the famous trideo stunt driver Barbarella Nampeyo.


For centuries the land here was inhabited by the Tongva tribes. The lands of each tribe waxed and waned over time, but in the late 12th century the Gabrielino, Serrano, and Cahuilla tribes formed a closer sisterhood. Their elders met at the point where all three of their lands met and, each who could, brought the bones of their mothers. The sisterhood was then made everlasting by establishing a burial ground for the strong women passed away from their tribes.

The burial site was built taller and wider over the years, only occasionally withered by strong winds, until westerners inhabited the area. The Tongva who weren’t driven out lost much of their lands, but with every loss they drew themselves more tightly around the burial site so their sisterhood would remain.


Since the onset of the 6th age, many of the Tongva have awakened. They found that those living closest to the sisterhood’s burial grounds were more powerful, and those born in its shadow were almost certain awakened. Only when one is being buried may anyone trod upon the burial mound. To do otherwise is said to bring curses, and there are tales of a woman who once dared to sneak onto the hill in the dark of night to give birth to her first child. So the tale goes, that child and every one she had thereafter were born still.

The Tongva gave many of their strongest women and men to the Pueblo Corporate Council’s fights in the past, many of whom often returned with debts that cost them more of their lands. Now all that remains of the Tongva lands are a few square miles north of Covina. These lands are held privately between by several of the more fortunate Tongva.

When Barbarella Nampeyo became famous she lent her wealth toward consolidating a large swath of Tongva land, particularly their sisterhood’s sacred burial ground. Her money served to establish a strong legal trust meant to keep the land’s ownership within their tribe, even should she or her family fall upon misfortune.

While Blanche Nampeyo is the apparent owner of the lands now, in truth the trust is managed by the remaining few Tongva elders. Only those who have seen 500 moons (400 for orks) may sit upon the council of elders. The mound itself is now surrounded by many acres of broken machines and covered by a colossal sheet of woven hair, its secrets never spoken of outside of Tongva homes, and even then rarely to those too young to sit upon the council.

General Public VIew:

Baja Junk & Scrapyard looks like nothing more than what its name suggests. They’re known for buying vehicles of almost any type and any condition and, in turn, selling parts and scrap metal off of those vehicles. Occasionally there are races nearby since vehicle mishaps can be easily repaired from the nearby supply of parts, or the vehicles sold if they’re too damaged or a debt needs to be paid.

View Amongst Shadowrunners:

Baja J&S will buy vehicles in almost any condition. There are some conditions that vehicles could be in that Baja will take, but not buy, and some conditions where you’ll be paying Baja to take them.

Did you steal a GMC Chameleon from some poor wageslave so you could get away from a scene? If it’s in good condition and Knight Errant aren’t on your tail Baja can take the car off your hands free of charge chummer.

Is someone dangerous looking for that vehicle? Is there a body in the trunk? Sure, Baja will take those, too — but it will cost ya omae.

The races are usually legit, but there’s a lot of money changing hands after each one. Sometimes go-gangs get involved and fights will break out, especially if someone thinks a race was thrown. Blanche might let you walk through the yard during the day to look for a special component, too, but not without one of her nieces or nephews tagging along to make sure you don’t steal anything.

Nobody goes in the yard at night, though. That’s a good way to get geeked. Not necessarily by Blanche’s crew, either. Everybody knows that the races only stay so long as everyone (even warring go-gangs) respects Blanche’s land. Try to climb that fence after dark and you might find two gangers stop mid-brawl just to draw down on you and fill you full of lead.

Baja Junk and Scrapyard

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