Hugo Hughes

ExCorpSec Troll Adept, Learning to Live on the Other Side



Things certainly have changed for Hugo. If you asked him a year ago what he would be doing today, he’d have never told Running. Here he is though, and growing to enjoy it.

Hugo was born a human in 2052, the second son of a happy corporate family. His early childhood is a happy blur of ease on the Horizon Arcology. He had his older brother Howard never knew material want. Hugo looked for all the world like just another corp kid destined for a life of corporate work, nothing more exciting than a year end bonus if he was lucky. That all changed, March 2062 when Halley’s Comet came roaring into view. Hugo learned then that the universe gives not a single fuck about anyone’s plans for their lives. Hugo was Goblinized and Awakened that day, forever altering his and his family’s lives. It was a bitter sweet change, the pain and trauma of Goblinization and it’s attendant stigma balanced against the rush Awakening and all the doors it opened.

Hugo spent the next 8 years of his life going through rigorous corporate magical academy, being molded into the Adept that Horizon wanted him to be. It was a challenging education, and not even corporate control could fully sap Huge of his love for his new found powers. Hugo’s adolescence was roughly as challenging as a privileged corporate kid’s can get. He and his brother Howard, who had Awakened as Mage, spent much of their time in the rigorous Awakened Educational Academy away from many of his peers. His isolation was further compounded by the reactions to his new body. Even Howard was distant for a a time. After several years in the program, that simmered down and Hugo had mostly come to terms with his life as a troll and had something resembling a regular teenage social life. Corporate duties called after graduation, as Hugo was drawn on to the path that would lead him to this ramshackle garage in East LA.

The life of a Company Man is not what Hugo would have chosen, Horizon couldn’t care less about what he wanted so Hugo spent the next several years shooting trouble for Horizon. Intimidation, Extractions, Security, whatever they needed. Hugo isn’t proud of most of what he did for them, and loathes enough. The time he spent as a company troubleshooter did give him the certain set of skills he has found so useful in the Shadows at least.

As far as Hugo knows, Howard is still with Horizon as your average Wage Mage.

Hugo Hughes

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